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World class policy, economic and strategic consulting


We use behavioural insights and technological innovation to help you achieve more

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Our experienced consultants are leaders in the field



We specialize in leading and developing evidence-based best practices, including:

  • Policy design, delivery and evaluation
  • Program design, delivery and evaluation
  • Project, risk and quality management
  • Indigenous community development
  • Indigenous health promotion
  • Performance planning and management
  • Internal and external stakeholder engagement


We offer an extensive portfolio of applied microeconomic advice. Recent projects have included:

  • Behavioural economics
  • Labour market analysis
  • Competition and regulatory economics
  • Indigenous culture-based research methodologies
  • Environmental economics and natural capital valuation
  • Welfare analysis and impact assessment


Whether you're looking for a radical overhaul of your business practices or minor modifications to your existing framework we can help you with:

  • Corporate strategy and planning
  • Behavioural insights architecture
  • Business transformation
  • Performance management and coaching
  • Technological workplace innovations
  • Fostering cultural change


Thoughtful by design - we recognize that sometimes it's not about working harder but working smarter. That's why we ensure that your business architecture sets you up for success by:

  • Mainstreaming human design principles
  • Accounting for behavioural heuristics and nudge responses
  • Offering a unique portfolio of technological innovations to create a healthier and more productive workplace 

Meet the Team

Kirsty Inglis

Kirsty is an accomplished economic, policy and strategy specialist with a passion for innovation in the workplace. Kirsty has led projects for the Canadian, British and European Union governments and has published extensively, including at the OECD. Kirsty specializes in corporate strategy; behaviour change; applied microeconomic analysis; program design and evaluation; and the inclusion of non-traditional evidence in decision-making

Kirsty's recent projects have included: project, risk and quality management; internal and external stakeholder management; business and performance transformation; and strategy and planning. Kirsty holds an MA in Economic Policy from McMaster University, Canada and a BSc in Economics from the University of London, UK. She is a graduate of the Stonewall Leadership Programme

Our Associates Include

Randi Ray

Randi Ray is a thinker, leader and achiever who has a passion for building bridges between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities. A proud Anishinaabe Kwe from Flying Post First Nation, she grew up as the daughter of a First Nations Chief, gaining the perspective and wisdom needed to serve and improve her community 

Randi is an expert lobbyist and advocate, developing strategies that engage an extensive network of Indigenous and non-Indigenous political leaders, institutions, and community organizations. Randi’s experience includes strategic communications; community development; Indigenous research methodologies; public health; and local, provincial, and federal policy development
Randi holds a Bachelor's degree in Health Promotion and a Master's in Human Kinetics from Laurentian University.  Randi is a PhD candidate in Sustainable First Nations Leadership Development at Nipissing University

Siobhan Dennehy

Siobhan is an experienced microeconomist whose expertise spans regulation and competition, project evaluation, local development and labour markets. Siobhan has wide experience of competition proceedings, including merger control, cartel investigations and regulatory price reviews, with particular expertise in consumer goods and telecommunications

Siobhan previously worked for the UK Department for Work and Pensions, and in consultancy with a focus on labour markets, local development and project evaluation. She holds an MSc in Economics from Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona and a BA in Economics from the University of Cambridge

Matthew Agarwala

Matthew is a natural resource economist affiliated to the London School of Economics and the University of East Anglia. He has a particular interest in how the management of natural capital (and subsequent ecosystem services) affects the sustainability of development

Matthew's work is inherently interdisciplinary: his co-authors include conservation scientists, anthropologists, members of UK Parliament, and Nobel laureates in medicine, physics, chemistry and peace. He has consulted for the Valuing Nature Network, the Natural Capital Initiative, the World Forum on Natural Capital and UNEP, and made major contributions to UNEP's Inclusive Wealth Report (2012), UK Natural Capital Committee's State of Natural Capital Report (2014) and the UK National Ecosystem Assessment - Follow On (2014). Matthew is co-editor of the Handbook of Sustainable Development (2014), holds an honorary appointment at the University of Exeter and has been awarded a Donnelley Fellowship at the Yale Institute for Biospheric Studies at Yale University

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